Digital standup meetings in Novo Nordisk add to efficiency, motivation and good dialogue

Top 10 great quotes from the use of Klartboard in Novo Nordisk 

– Interview with Kenneth Pil, Principal Project Vice President – ZEUS, EVOKE/EVOKE+ Clinical Drug Development, OSCD & Outcomes

  1. The Clinical Trials use Klartboard for their standup meetings to secure good dialogue and efficient delivery on the activities and milestones within the projects. Both management and teams find it adds to efficiency, mutual help within the project and to be more on top of the situation. The meetings add to both motivation and a more structured way of working. It also helps teams based globally to look into the activities and deliveries and through good communication find the best solutions ahead on parallel activities within the Clinical track, the Medical Affairs track, Safety track, Regulatory track etc.
  2. So, it’s by taking the agile mindset, and adapting that to an organisation… We are adding that to the entire activity tracks we are using when developing new pharmaceutical products. So, it’s not only the Clinical Track, it is also the Production set up, the Marketing Track, the Medical Affairs Track, the Regulatory Track, the Safety Tracks. All of these parallel activities are pictured in the same portfolio, or project Klartboard set up.
  3. And the good thing is, when I actually ask the teams, once they have tried it about half a year, they never dream of going back to a traditional way of doing it. It is also helping them to be on top of the situation. They feel more motivated. And they really can see that they can deliver more efficiently on the projects.
  4. I would say it has given me the skeleton in a project, the sort of method to make sure that I get around the project in all the different corners.
  5. I would say Klartboard supports me in a project leader role, by having a structure and supporting a good dialogue with the projects. So, what you often fear, as a project manager, is that you don’t get the bad news and the good news always presented.
  6. People have a tendency to be all agreeing that we are all on track. But in reality what I really need is, an early warning if something could go wrong, and what can we do about this? How can we navigate around? So, it helps me have a structured dialogue with the team.
  7. The customized set up of Klartboard really supports the already existing meeting culture and project methods that we are using in Novo Nordisk. We have a very structured way of running very large projects. And we can adapt that to the way we are having team meetings and follow up on activities.
  8. It supports, particularly in a virtual setting, where you have people sitting at different locations. It is really supporting that people can prepare for the dialogue. They can all raise a hand. They can all contribute to the dialogue. So, people feel included in project management. So, it’s not only a manager role. It’s the project team who actually gets better at focusing on what are the important deliverables. What are our commitments? And what are the current risks we are dealing with in the project?
  9. I have certainly seen colleagues expressing their sort of higher satisfaction by being part of a project team. It’s now more visible, and transparent to where we are and what the challenges are. And I have often seen people sort of raise a hand and say, maybe I could contribute and help with this issue that you have over here in that part of the project.
  10. So, it’s helping also to make the jobs more interesting, because you are broadening out of your own little expertise area into the broader delivery of the projects. And often you cannot see that if you’re not sort of, seeing all the activities that goes on in other areas as well. It helps to have a transparent look at all the activities we have committed to do.

Klartboard is a standard tool available inside Novo Nordisk for digital standup meetings.

  • Signup for Klartboard at Novo Access. (Link)
  • Different boards can display relevant tasks, projects, processes etc. that will add to the focus and priority within the team or project. Please contact to set up relevant boards for your team.
  • If you like to know more about the experiences made please contact @KPIL or or join one of the digital standup meetings in Novo Nordisk.
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