Welcome to the Team's Plan

It is the vision of the Team's Plan, to create exactly the overview management and team need to be able to answer: "Does everyone have a resonable plan for the week"; "Are we prioritizing correctly individually - and in the team"; "Does anyone need help - and who can help"

The team's employees are displayed in the left column

For each employee you can see:

  1. Column with projects/processes the person is responsible for
  2. Column with the tasks to which the person is assigned
  3. Column with the agreements that have been noted

You choose which columns you want to display on the board. Use the column selector at the top right of the top navigation. Or set up a filter with relevant columns

You must decide what is important for you to see on the board in order for you to manage well

  1. Would you like to see planned tasks for the coming week (i.e. a display of the tasks we have specifically planned to do, which do not necessarily have a deadline this week) – provides focus on prioritization and workload.
  2. Or do you want to see tasks with deadlines for the coming week (which are not necessarily planned to be done this week) – focuses on meeting your deadlines
  3. Or do you only want to see high priority ones (Star) because it indicates "One of my Top-3 tasks" - e.g. relevant if you want to maintain the prioritization of the most important in an everyday life, where tasks from the right threaten to overturn the plans
  4. Or do you only want to see tasks with a status in red - when you want to focus on clearing stones out of the way and maintaining momentum
  5. Or will you change your focus from this week to the next 14 days?
  6. Or do you want to see something completely different,...?

You choose your filtering by pressing the arrow just to the left of the board's title in the middle of the top navigation.

Ideas to the use of tasks within the Team Plan

  • Wherever you see a +, you can create a task, a project, an agreement
  • All new tasks are born with the status color green by default
  • Tap the color in the minicard to change the status color
  • Tap the toolbox in the minimap when you want to:

  • Complete the task
  • Add Hand up (when you have a comment for the stand up meeting)
  • Add Star
  • Emoji
  • Will enlarge the mini card
  • Will copy the assignment

Another good trick

You can choose that Klartboard should always open in the Team's plan.

Open the left menu (top left). Go to Tools/Settings and Select Default Screen/Team Plan

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