Welcome to the Team plan + Targets

In teams with a large production, targets can be a great help. In this way, you create an overview of the stock. At the same time, you can see what other tasks and projects everyone in the team has. That completes the overview.

With this board you can get answers to

  • Numbera awaiting in stock? And how many hours does that correspond to?
  • Target – what should you achieve?
  • Who does whatd – who is dedicated to which areas and targets?
  • What have you achieved? – do the plan match the target?

Important design considerations

  • What is the appropriate number of areas to set up numbers and targets - can you settle for a division of complex and simple tasks or is it best with more categories. Regardless of your needs, Klartboard can accommodate it.
  • What do you need to know about each area? Number in stock, target for the day/week, the plan - and perhaps supplementary, e.g.: "Number with exceeded deadline, "Competence requirement", etc.
  • All of these are important design considerations that contain management and governance considerations. What do we need to see to be able to manage best...?

Klartboard functionality

  • The bottom part of the board shows the employee's full schedule for the week incl. targets task - so it becomes easier to prioritize between the assigned targets and other tasks
  • The target plan can calculate - by specifying a standard time, Klartboard will automatically add the hours
  • The stock management can easily be set for the whole week, Mon+Tues+Wed+Thurs+Fri or, for example, Mon-Tues + Wed-Fri
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