Welcome to stand-up meetings with flow, focus and ease

At Klartboard, we have made it a virtue that attending stand-up meetings should be a good experience.

It must be easy to create momentum in the meeting without too many clicks and technical hassle - and then the board must provide a structure for the meeting. We have done this in the following way.

Create focus with selected filters

There is always a risk that the boards will contain too much information. That we cannot see the forest for all the trees.

Therefore, in Klartboard there is plenty of opportunity to filter and sort data. And to save these filters and sorts as your own or as the team's fixed views.

These can, for example, be views such as:

  • Only show everything in red and yellow
  • Sort by status
  • Show all with deadline today
  • Show 3 most important deliveries for the week
  • Only show projects with agreements we need to follow up on

All boards contain simple filters that are easy to use

A piece of advice: There able to lay a lot of managerial consideration in which filters are interesting in the team. After all, it is about: "What is important for us to be able to see - so that we can manage as best as possible." …?”

Create structure with a fixed agenda

The good stand-up meeting has a clear structure. We know where we want to start, which stops we want to make along the way, and when we are finished.

And here Klartboard can help with an agenda that you can easily click through during the stand-up meeting. You just have to set up your selected filters in the order you want to go through them at the stand-up meeting.

Decide what the boards should display – Create an agenda with filters including the option to define your own favorites

Take action here-and-now

At the good stand-up meetings, the focus is on taking action. When there is a need for it. Rather than just talking about it...

That's why we at Klartboard have made it easy to drag and drop tasks from one to the other. Changing the status color, changing deadlines, writing agreements, etc. You can do it immediately during the meeting without unnecessary waiting time and too many clicks.

There is a lot of functionality at hand, which makes it easy to update the boards with deadlines, status colors, transfer tasks to colleagues, note an appointment, etc. while you hold a stand-up meeting
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Welcome to stand-up meetings with flow, focus and ease
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