Welcome to the Kanban board

When you work agile - perhaps according to the Scrum method - the Kanban board is relevant. 


What can you get answers to in the Kanban board

When you work in agile teams, you typically want to have an overview of a common pool of tasks or "work packages". In the Kanban board you can get answers to:

  • What are you going to do?
  • Who does what?
  • How far are you?

Important design considerations

  • Which categories are relevant? Is it the classic Todo/ Doing/ Done - perhaps supplemented with, for example, Backlog/ Awaiting/ For approval. 

Klartboard functionality

  • Define your categories/columns yourself
  • Move the projects/tasks by drag'n-drop
  • With filters and sorting, you can maintain an overview - even when there are many tasks in each column


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