Welcome to the Kaizen / Continuous Improvement Board

When you work with continuous improvements, it is important to be able to see all improvement proposals in a context. Both new ideas and the improvements that are underway in the implementation process. In Klartboard we have a classic Kaizen board for this.

What can you get an answer to

  • What new improvement suggestions do you have?
  • How should you prioritize the ideas?
  • How far along are you with prioritized improvements?

Relevant in teams, process ownership forums and improvement forums

Important design considerations

  • How can you best follow the implementation - Do you lean towards the classic PDCA wheel or another process?

Klartboard functionality

  • Define your own columns for the implementation – PDCA or e.g. Plan + Do + Check + Act, etc
  • All ideas are shown as tasks in My View, the Team Plan, etc

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Welcome to the Kaizen / Continuous Improvement Board
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