Welcome to the Process Board / Project Board

It is the vision of the Process Board / Project Board to provide a suitable overview of the unit's processes / projects, so that you can take timely action when there are problems with progress, quality or resources. 


The Process board or the Project board … Dear child has many names. Like much else in Klartboard, you decide the naming yourself. It's the same thing we're talking about here.


The process board shows the associated processes in a team/office/department/directorate/etc

It could be, for example, projects, complex processes, standard processes or simply a larger task, where it would be good to see the sub-tasks in a context

For each process you can see:

  1. Next milestone
  2. Tasks linked to next milestones
  3. Following milestones
  4. Status of time, quality and resources
  5. … + a whole lot more

You must decide what you would like to see on the board. You do this by choosing between the fixed filters or defining new ones yourself. Choose what will be essential input for a sensible dialogue about the status and possible actions.

  1. Next Milestone – very relevant when you need to break long processes down into something you can relate to. Nice enough, we think we can deliver on time in 2 years - but will we deliver on the next milestone?
  2. Tasks linked to next milestones – may be relevant in the team closest to the project, because you need to see what lies beneath the next milestone.
  3. Following Milestones – Often relevant when the Process Board is used more generally, e.g. at department level. Then we look further ahead.
  4. Annual Plan – a special column that can show phases, milestones and tasks read out on a timeline, e.g. next 3, 6, 12 months
  5. Other relevant columns – When there are many processes – e.g. 100s – it may be relevant to show the person responsible, phase, start date or e.g. end date in separate columns. This makes it easier to sort.

You choose your filtering by pressing the arrow just to the left of the board's title in the middle of the top navigation.



Fifs for using the Project/Process Board

  • Wherever you see a +, you can create a process/project, milestone, task, etc
  • All new processes are born with the status color green by default
  • Tap the color in the minicard to change the status color
  • Tap the toolbox in the minimap when you want to:
    • Complete the process, milestone or task
    • Add Hand up (when you have a comment for the stand up meeting)
    • Add Star
    • Emoji
    • Will enlarge the mini card
    • Will copy the project, milestone or task
  • Tap the task/project to open the index card. Here you can change and add information - e.g. deadlines, participants, etc
  • Once a project is marked complete, it will continue to be displayed in the board with a check mark for 2 weeks. Wish to have all completed projects read out for a relevant period, e.g. in the year that passed, so select it in your filtering.
  • When a milestone is marked complete, the milestone will no longer be displayed in the project board. Go to the Planning Room if you want an overall overview of all completed and active milestones.

The process/project board is part of a hierarchy

Each and every process / project has its own board - we call it a Planning Room. Here you will find an overall overview of the project's purpose, participants, milestones, tasks, etc.

At the same time, all processes / projects can be combined into programs. This means that the projects become sub-projects seen under the same umbrella in the form of a programme.

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