Welcome as a new Novo Nordisk user - Clinical Trials

Become a user in Klartboard through Novo Acces and have your local Klartboard Admin associate you with the relevant team/Clinical Trial or team in the line organization.

You are also welcome to contact support@klartboard.dk and we will set you up immediately.

Select relevant team and board as your default board – Typically Stragick Tracks in the current Clinical Track.
The board for Strategic Tracks shows relevant milestones associated with the set up Strategic Tracks.

Orient yourself in the board and add any relevant milestones, adjust the deadline or status color, or add a raised hand to a task/process if there are relevant questions or input for the upcoming stand up meeting.

If you would like to have an overview of the entire process in one of the Strategic Tracks, open the Planning Room. (The door in the relevant Strategic Track) The planning room shows all Milestones and Tasks associated.

The planning space contains filters you can select behind the headings in each part of the board, which allow you to choose your favorite views of the board's content. Changes added to a Milestone or Task in the Planning Room naturally affect all boards.

Some Strategic Tracks have associated Processes. Processes are partial deliveries or projects/processes that must ensure that you reach the goal of a Strategic Track.
In the Strategic Track cards there is a screen. Select the screen and see which processes are associated with the relevant Strategic Track.

Add or adjust any milestones, deadlines, status in relevant processes or add more processes as needed.

Processes can be associated with one or more teams. (Select the tab Attach to) Typically, a process can also be associated with a Clinical Trial Team or a team in the Line organisation. These are specific activities that must be resolved so that progress in the overall Clinical Trial with the relevant Strategic Tracks is as it should be.

Change any Team (left menu) to a Clinical Trial Team associated with, for example, SOUL, EVOKE, SELECT or ZEUS and see which processes they are on target for and how the progress is for the processes in their part of the project.

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