Welcome as a new user in My View

My View gives you the full overview of all tasks, projects, etc. that have your name on them. The vision with My View is that everyone has the opportunity to easily make realistic plans - and as a bonus, employees and managers can use the tool in 1-to-1 meetings.

  1. My View shows all the tasks and processes/projects you are associated with
  2. In the left column you see all tasks, repeated tasks, to-do's, orders or milestones
    • For tasks, the default column is sorted by planning date
    • It is also possible to sort by deadline, status, hand up, etc
    • Orders show tasks you are associated with as the orderer
    • Repeated tasks is a smart feature that shows the tasks you do over and over again
  3. In the project list at the bottom you will see all the processes/projects you are associated with as responsible and/or participant.
    • It is possible to add tasks/changes to projects directly here from My View
    • If you have many processes/projects, you can expand the area so that it takes up more space on the screen
  4. In the weekly plan you can pull in the tasks, to-dos and milestones you plan to do this week
    • If you place a task on, for example, a Monday, the task's planning date is automatically changed to this day
    • When the task is marked done by giving it a tick, the task will remain in the weekly schedule for that specific week. In future, you can therefore always go back to this week and see the completed tasks. In return, the completed task is removed from the task list in the left column.
    • The first column in the weekly schedule: “During the week” is for tasks you do not plan to do on a specific day
    • If you want to postpone tasks until the following week, you can drag them to the last column: "Drag and plan for next week". Then they are automatically moved to the next week.
    • You can switch to another week by pressing the calender in the top navigation

A good trick

You can choose that Klartboard should always open in My View. It is relevant when you prefer to use Klartboard as your personal planning tool. When you keep up to date in My View, your tasks, projects, etc. will of course be updated at the same time on e.g. the team board and the project board.

Open the left menu (top left). Go to Tools/Settings and Select Default Screen/My View.

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