Export data from Klartboard to Excel

It is possible to read out data from the project, program and progress tables to Excel.

It is important to set up the board with the desired columns, as it will be the read out data that appears in the columns that will be read out.

Pay attention to how many processes you have displayed in the board. The default is the 10 processes that are shown at a time, as it supports fast performance in the boards, which is valuable in the stans up meetings. In the lower right corner, you can adjust the number of processes you want displayed

If you have many processes and a lot of data in many columns in the tables, we recommend that you display fewer processes at a time. eg. 20 or 50. It will be your local browser and web that may sets a limit on how much data you can see at a time. We have customers with +200 processes in the boards, here the data stream will be so large that the readout will not happen in an instant. Here we would clearly recommend that you display and load smaller portions.

Columns with several mini-cards, for example The following milestones or Tasks associated with the milestone, each additional mini-card gets a new line in the excel sheet. If you do not want this, deselect these columns before you export content.

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