Raise your hand - an important contribution to good stand up meetings

A good stand up meeting is characterized by well-prepared presentations and questions about the plan ahead.

Raise your hand and mark that you have a question or comment on one of the tasks or the projects. In the preparation of the stand up meeting, it is good practice to add the hand up to several relevant tasks. It contributes with a clear signal that here we must stop and have a discussion or clarification.

With the mouse it is easy to see who has raised their hand on the task. Everyone can raise their hand on all tasks.

You can find the hand icon in the toolbox in the task or in the indexcard

Feel free to create a filter for the stand up meeting that focuses on the raised hands.

You remove the raised hands again by clicking on the individual hand.

Admins can also remove the raised hands on all task cards in the team after a completed stand up meeting. Then the boards in the team are wiped clean of raised hands and are ready for the next stand up meeting.

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