I cannot find my assignment, process/project

Whoa, where did that go?

As a user, you may find that you cannot find your assignment, course, etc., where you thought you would find it.

Don't worry - you can do the following:

1. Check the board's filtering as shown in the board's header - it says, for example, "With a star", your task without a star will not be read out. Therefore, click on the small arrow to the left of the heading and change filtering.

2. If there is more content than what the board reads – see the number in the lower right corner of the board and enter more

3. Check My View - unless you have removed yourself as the executor of the task or set a colleague as the executor, you will always find your task in My View.

4. Check if the correct team(s) are set in the Renew to tab

5. Just refresh your browser - maybe you're working on slow wifi

6. The left menu contains a search function across all boards. Search by title. Find your mini card and get the relevant information entered in the Inddateringeskorte, so that the card is read out where you want.

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