I'm a huge fan - Interview with office manager

Rikke Kure Wendel is the office manager and shortly after joining Rikke realized that she needed a better overview. And Rikke was not alone in this realization. In the office with approx. 30 employees there was a pronounced demand for the same. In other words, a better overview, clearer prioritization, more knowledge about what the colleague and the team are doing.

What is the overall status after just over 3 months of stand up meetings around the digital boards in Klartboard.

Our stand up meetings are definitely here to stay. To that extent, it has significantly improved our joint overview and management.

What is it that works so well - can you come up with specific examples?

I will try. On the boards, we as management, team and colleagues can see which tasks we have each planned to do. Of course, we can't see everything - we focus on tasks of a certain weight. And based on the status and deadlines, we have a short and fairly focused dialogue about; is the prioritization the best possible, and what can we do to get the individual task, the upcoming milestone or the employee's weekly plan in the green - should we move deadlines, redistribute, prioritize differently or is the key to agreeing on a short sparring session. You can say that we use the common overview to arrive at the possible actions much more easily.

Has anything surprised you – something you are particularly happy about?

The boards have opened my eyes to the more invisible contributions in everyday life. All those who just mind their own business steadily. The ones that fly under the radar when my focus is drawn to the troublemaker and the political focus. Everything else we also do has now become visible.

And I am happy that those who expressed skepticism at the start – completely understandable and fair – have opened their eyes to the possibilities in showing what they are doing. It has shown that transparency goes both ways. One is that I, as a boss, can more easily observe, but for the individual employee I also think that it is perceived as positive that you can now show what you are doing far more easily.

It sounds like a success in the office, but how has your own boss received it?

My deputy director is also happy and looks at our boards. You can say that she has simply gotten closer. Because it has become so easy to look along.

She is of course happy to have a strengthened overview of our ministerial responses, where many can come daily. These all have sharp deadlines, and now we know exactly who they are distributed to and where they are in the flow. But I actually find that the gain is greater in another perspective. The really cool overview is now that we can see the mix of ministerial responses together with everything else. In other words, the overview of the ministerial cases in the context of the 20 guidelines, the operating cases and the projects. It gives perspective up in the house and a much better shared picture of how we prioritize best.

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