How do I create new boards?

There is a lot of finesse in getting exactly the boards that suit you. What do you need to see in order to manage...? Together with our good customers, we have spent at least 10,000 hours discussing, adapting and improving this. So contact us when the need arises.

Creating new boards is one of the few things you cannot fix yourself in Klartboard.

Get in touch with the Klartboard support team at

The local admin/superuser can assign users to new teams and boards. The Klartboard support team is of course happy to help.

Have you considered the best way to start with new boards and possibly new teams

At Klart, we work every single day with managers and teams who want to be the best at stand up meetings, management and operational management.

If you are curious about how, take a look here (link to xx)

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How do I create new boards?