How do I create a course/project, programme?

Courses or projects or development projects... dear child has many names. In Klartboard, you as an organization decide the naming. Functionally, under the auspices of Klartboard, it is a matter of course types, characterized by the fact that milestones and tasks can be linked to the same course, so that a connection is created.

  1. Tap + in the top right of the top navigation
  2. Select course/project (You can have several course types in your organization)
  3. The update card opens
    • Give a title
    • Add any deadlines, categories, participants, etc
    • Press save

Now you are ready to create milestones and tasks. There are two ways to go.

  1. You can use a template for the process, so that you are given a standard plan with milestones and tasks, which you can then adapt (see the article for this)
  2. You can manually create milestones and tasks
    • Go to the planning room directly from the input map (find the door at the top of the map) or from the minimap outside the board (find the door)
    • In the planning room, you can create milestones and tasks (see the article for this)
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