How do I create a new template for a project from an existing project

Many are excited about the template function in Klartboard. A template is a standard project or a standard process with given milestones, tasks, deadlines, phases etc. - ready to create.

You can easily define a new template as a copy of a project/process you have already created.

You can then add details to the template - e.g. closing days and deadline logic.

Note that you can also define and build a new template from scratch – i.e. not as a copy of a project. However, many of our users find that the template function is easier to access when they adjust based on an already well-known and existing project.

We also recommend that when you create a new template, to have a fairly clear picture of the process, what are the most important milestones, which tasks are linked to and must be solved in order for the milestones to be completed? Which deadlines may be relevant? Does the course contain phases that the milestones fall within? The more clearly you know your process, the easier it is to create a new template.

It is of course possible to adjust already created templates, so just go for it.

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