How do I define new filters and column selections?

1. Set up management-relevant filters for the team's whiteboard meeting, which support a good dialogue at your whiteboard meeting and set as your favourites. Customize which columns you want to see and hide info you don't use.


2.Add title to filter and use a default filter or create your very own

3. Filters can be personal, for the team or global.

4. Define new filtering/select board content

5. Who will use the filtering? Personal, team, global
6. Should this be your default filtering?
7. Choose which columns to display in the table
8. The tab for selecting filters and sorting content, option to filter by status, star, hand up, categories and select sorting by Title, deadline, status, responsible.



9. Select your favorite filters and give them a pin. The favorites are easily accessible and can support the good agenda for the board meeting. We recommend that you have 2-4 favorite filters that you use for the good whiteboard meeting.

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