User administration - create or delete user and assign to team

It is easy to manage users and teams in Klartboard – it just requires that you have an admin/superuser role.

1. Add master data: email, name, surname, initials

2. Select team(s) user must be associated: Also possible to change team for users.

3. Select role: At least one role must be selected for the user to read data correctly in the boards. If you need more/other roles, it is easy to set up.

4. Should you create many users, then it is significantly easier to import user data from an Excel template. It is crucial that the team name in the excel file and the team name created in Klartboard are identical. You can get the template by contacting

5. Once the user has been created, you will receive an email login info. This happens either automatically or controlled via the yellow button next to each individual user.

6. It is possible to broadcast welcome email/login-info collected for many at once. A trick here is to send out info per team so that everyone receives info when it suits them best. It is possible to create users in good time and wait to issue login info.

7. Delete users: Tap the trash can next to the user to be deleted. The user is removed from all tasks, processes, etc. But the tasks, the processes remain and they can be found in the team's "Undistributed tasks/projects/processes" if there are no other users associated.

9. Oops, have you come to delete a user by mistake? Don't worry, data can be restored if you contact

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