Using categories

Categories are many different small "tags" that can be added to tasks and project maps.


  1. The purpose is to display management-relevant content on the mini cards in the boards.
  2. It is possible to filter on category types and, for example, see all tasks with 1st priority.
  3. You can have the desired category types created on and your superusers can add the choices in the choice lists that add value to your management.
  4. When the superusers add new category options, it is important that new categories that are added in the admin panel are added to the team, as HR, for example, may typically have other category selection lists that are relevant than the Finance function. Different teams may have different choices.

5. We can also use the categories to display relevant task/project maps in a Category Board. Here, minimaps with selected categories will be displayed in columns. For example, tasks with 1st, 2nd and 3rd priority will be listed in separate columns if, for example, you establish a Category Board that shows priorities.

6. Examples of category boards are To do, doing, done or display of task cards divided into categories such as IT, Finance, HR.

7. Reach out and let us help you set up relevant category boards. They are very easy to use. Mini cards can be moved with drag-n-drop or spiced up with all the other functionalities from the boards, including filters, which give a good overview when there are many task cards on the boards.

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