Using automatic status colors

The status colors on tasks, processes/projects, milestones, etc. can be set to change automatically according to the deadline.

  • For example, you can define a rule that says that an assignment is green until the day before the deadline; yellow on the day before the deadline and red the day after the deadline
  • The status rules can only be changed by your admin/superuser

  • The automatic status rules are set for tasks, milestones or the project/process types
  • The same rule applies to all teams that use the selected task or project/process type
  • Manual update of status color trumps the automatic status rule
  • You can always see the applicable status rule in the data index card
  • In the admin panel, local admin/superusers can manage the status rules
    + x number of days the color changes after deadline
    – x number of days the color changes before the deadline

User level: Superuser, User
Type: FAQ
Subject: Status colors
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