Working time, Meeting time, Ad Hoc time, Planned time, Free time, Calculated time - Klartboard can easily calculate time

Klartboard is good at calculating. Agree to best practise in your team for how you want to use time estimates in Klartboard. We find that many teams can get very far by practicing making realistic plans. Time estimates can contribute greatly to this. Is time estimation new to you, so please think of time estimates as a budget, what is realistic to achieve in the coming period?

  1. In the team board, it is possible to calculate Planned time for each employee if you add time estimates on tasks.
  2. You can also adjust the working hours (Typically set to either 37 or 40 hours per week)
  3. Ad Hoc time is time most employees spend on many smaller tasks (Default is adhoc time set to 5 hours per week)
  4. Meeting time, can be retrieved from Outlook appointments for customers who are set up with Outlook in Klartboard, alternatively it can also be set manually.
  5. Free time is the time available when Working time is deducted from Ad Hoc time, Meeting time and Planned time.
  6. Estimated time is a calculation field that can be linked to courses/projects. Here, tasks associated with milestones can add up how many hours have been set aside to solve the tasks linked to the milestone in question. It is of course also possible to sum up the time for all tasks estimated for a project.

Tip: If you add extra tasks with time estimates and the summation does adjust, reload the data in the board with the small circular arrow in the lower left corner of the board.

If you want to change Working hours, Ad Hoc time, Meeting time also in future weeks, it is possible. Adjust the time and make your choice in the dialog box. Does the change only apply in this period or also in future weeks?

Option to adjust Ad hoc time, Working time, Meeting time also for future weeks
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Working time, Meeting time, Ad Hoc time, Planned time, Free time, Calculated time - Klartboard can easily calculate time
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