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Everything about operations management and stand-up meetings
Get inspiration to succeed - in management and team, structure and behaviour, stand-up meetings and everyday worklife
Choice of boards
It is important to choose the right boards. Find inspiration here
Smart functions
Be introduced to some of Klartboard's smart functions so that you can succeed as best as possible
New to Klartboard
If you are a new user, take a look here. We introduce the basics
Content creation
How do you create a task, a project, a milestone ... take a look here
Decide where to display content
See how you can display assignments, projects, etc. on other/several boards simultaneously
Decide what you want to see on the board
See how you use filtering, sorting, column selection, etc.
Get help with settings
See how you can choose your default team and board, reset cookies, etc.
User administration
See how you as an administrator can delete and create users, etc
Management of projects and programs
How do you manage projects and programs well using Klartboard
Management in teams
How do you manage well in teams using Klartboard
Management of cases and processes
How do you manage cases and processes well using Klartboard

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