Stand-up meetings can

really do

a significant difference

Stand-up meetings are meetings with a common overview

We attend countless stand-up meetings to give feedback and help management and team to create an experience of everyday work with great visibility. priority, efficiency and meaningfulness.

Stand-up meetings can really make a significant difference.

Stand-up meetings are management

Just say it out loud. It's about leadership.

Without visibility, it is extremely difficult to lead proactively and consistently. It easily ends in damage control and conflicting signals, when the here-and-now tunnel vision overshadows the daily strategic navigation.

The stand-up meeting is an opportunity to do visible management. It is the place you, as a manager, return to again and again. It is solid ground. In the fluid and hectic everyday life. It is presence rather than absence.

Stand-up meetings are management
Absolutely. And management is the key to an everyday life where everyone's time and skills are used as best as possible.

Without clear prioritization and realistic plans, the core task tends to get lost. The stand-up meeting is the place where progress and balances - prioritization and plan - are checked. So everyone leaves with a nod and a: "Yep, we agree on the plan".
Stand-up meetings are dialogue
You must talk about what you can see on the boards. It is through the dialogue that all inputs are translated into a common and coherent picture of progress and how things are going.

And the dialogue must be facilitated so that you can talk about the essentials. And (mostly) only that. Therefore, your most important tool as a stand-up meeting facilitator is your questions.

You must ask what you as management and team are looking for answers to. "What does it take for us to go green" or, for example, "What can we do to ensure progress".
Stand-up meetings are action
When you can see the need, you must take action. If you do not react to the milestone in red, the unrealistic plan or the overloaded employee, the stand-up meeting loses its meaning. Then it's just ritual without consequence.

Action requires opportunities. Can you change the deadline, priority or scope. Or is it an agreement on help that is needed.

And action requires courage. What do you as a manager and you as a team want to change. If everything seems carved in stone, it is difficult. Better courage than discouragement.
Stand-up meetings are team collaboration
If stand-up meetings start with leadership, then it ends with teamwork.

Shared overview, management and dialogue are worth their weight in gold in the team. When we can see the same things, and there are clarity about the priorities, the dialogue becomes that much more constructive.

The focus will be on the joint task and who can help those who need help.

Everyone can see it. The language is common. And the goal collectively
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