Purchase via SKI

Klartboard can be purchased from the SKI agreement 02.06, Standard software 

This means that you as public customers can easily and safely purchase Klartboard with the assurance that requirements for tenders, contracts, amount limits, etc. have been complied accordingly.

Briefly, the agreement is:

  1. As a customer, you must make a specific purchase.
  2. First you must define your needs, and then you send out solicitation letters to the relevant suppliers. At SKI you will find a document package ready for use.
  3. We forward our offer and we agree on an agreement that suits both parties well.
  4. Voila – then you are ready for Klartboard with all requirements for tenders and purchases met.

Depending on your needs, various services are associated with the start-up and use of Klartboard. Fortunately, it can all be covered by SKI 02.06.

  1. Access and configuration
  2. Ongoing support and maintenance
  3. Training and feedback
  4. Advice in a broader sense - how do we get the most out of Klartboard and stand-up meetings

It is perfectly permissible to enter into a market dialogue before you make your specific purchases. And that's a really good approach. 

We are constantly in dialogue with potential users, and we find that we can spot needs and opportunities quite quickly. So don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Klart can provide consulting services on SKI agreement 17.11

Klart is part of the consortium, "17.11 Consultants" and has been selected as a supplier for "SKI 17.11 - Management support with direct allocation".

As a supplier on the SKI framework agreement, our customers do not have to carry out time-consuming tenders, but can instead carry out their purchases in a few days.

Klart ApS provides services within the 17.11 Management support framework agreement in the following areas:

  • Sub-agreement 1: Strategy and organizational development Strategy and organizational development that covers the company's/organization's need to uncover and analyze strategic challenges in the company's/organization's environment and to analyze its resource base with a view to preparing and implementing a well-founded strategy and a organizational structure that supports the strategy.

  • Sub-agreement 2: Business processes and streamlining Business processes and streamlining that cover the company's/organisation's need for increased streamlining of their core and support processes in light of the direct link between optimization of the internal processes and the financial results. In connection with this, the sub-agreement also covers the need to uncover, assess and select as well as assist outsourcing and 'Public-Private-Cooperation'