What does it take?


 Our pricing model for Klartboard consists of three parts


1# Onboarding and training

It varies greatly how much help you need.

If it's just plug'n play for an experienced stand-up meeting team or organisation, then short virtual sessions are often the answer. 

If there is a need for deeper sessions in both the management – purpose, management role and facilitation – and teams, then we will create a plan that fits your needs.

We agree on a total consulting fee before we start.


2# Configuration and preparation of Klartboard

Total one-time cost depends on size of teams and organizational complexity.


3# Ongoing license

We will find a license package that suits you. We are based on the principle: 

1 participant in a stand-up meeting = 1 user in Klartboard


The implementation process is flexible and adapted to your needs


Typically, we agree a course in three phases with the possibility of different activities.

In communication, we often state that it is not a big change project - unless that is precisely the case.

Instead, we talk about it as a professionalization of something we already do.


Typical activities in the initial phase

  • Management session: Purpose, management role and management needs + search for specific boards to fit your needs
  • Bilateral in the departments: In place with the board design


Typical activities in the preparation phase

  • Configuration of boards
  • Management session: The good stand-up meeting
  • Kick-off in departments and/or teams
  • Short intros or deeper sessions


Typical activities in the implementation phase

  • Admin training
  • Feedbacks at stand-up meetings
  • Management Session: Consolidation and Development


What can we help you with?
Get started safely and quickly

GDPR compliant

Klartboard uses a Swedish Cloud supplier, and is thus 100 per cent GDPR compliant. No data processors from the USA or other third countries.

Approved SKI supplier

Public customers can purchase Klartboard on SKI agreement 02.06. The agreement covers the entire "package" with setup, training, advice, license, support and development. On SKI agreement 17.11, we can deliver larger consulting projects.

Transparent prices

No unexpected additions and extra bills - everyone has full access to the entire Klartboard platform

Onboarding adapted to your needs

We help you get started, regardless of whether you are into plug-and-play or need a little more help with kick-off, training and feedback