Flexibility and stability

These are two fine characteristics that you would like to associate with us as a team


We make a virtue of meeting you where you are. What are your needs, what are your ambitions, what is your maturity in team and management, what is your capacity for change?

Core questions, where the answers set the direction for our solutions, training and advice. Regardless of whether it concerns here and now support in Klartboard or during an implementation process.

We call that flexibility.


We are the same core team of consultants and developers who have been involved from the start in 2014. The Tech team has built, maintained and further developed Klartboard from the very beginning.

And the consulting team has since the beginning worked intensively with everything to make the core operations of an organization work. With everything that this entails from a basic understanding of processes, operations, management, collaboration and behaviour.

We call that stability.

Jacob Ørum

I have, of course, collected quite a few methods and tools along the way - but I think the most important thing I come in the door with is a solid dose of curiosity and the ability to make the complex a little simpler. 

Founder and director of Klart since 2014

Consultant since 2000. Accenture, KL, Implement (Partner), Spark (Partner)

Majken Lammert

What I like most is helping you to make the best use of Klartboard. Regardless of whether I meet you in the support, the training session or the feedback conversation, I am curious about what it takes for overview, functionality and user experience to merge into a higher unity.

Founder and customer assistant at Klart since 2014.

Consultant since 2000. Tax, DIOS Consulting, Navigare Consulting, Prosecutor's Office.