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Development, R&D

In development units, many can recognize:  

  • That an actual program management must be established, so that the connections between the overall program and associated sub-projects emerge
  • That it must be possible to establish a connection between keeping up with the program, which is typically matrix-organized - and then being able to keep up with plans and prioritization in the underlying - and line-organized - teams that often have to deliver to the program.

We have customers running large development programs who use Klartboard in the following ways:

  • In an overall program board, the program management monitors the status of a number of tracks in the program (e.g. called Strategic Tracks).
  • For each track, you can see the status, deadlines and those responsible for upcoming important milestones, phase changes, etc
  • In this way, the program management can maintain an overall overview at all times
  • If an overall status gives rise to it, you can "click" down in a selected track at the meeting to unfold the list of associated sub-projects. What is the status of these – does anyone need to do anything?

  • The same tasks and projects (i.e. the same data) are displayed on team boards in the relevant teams that must deliver into the major programs.
  • Here the perspective is simply changed to; What deliverables do we have in our team this week / this month - and how does it fit in with all the other deliverables we have for other programmes, for example.

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