Klartboard is a system
to stand-up meetings and management

When clarity and efficiency go hand in hand

Klartboard is designed for stand-up meetings
Experience easy stand-up meetings without the hassle

Klartboard collects your overview
All tasks, projects and goals gathered in one place

Klartboard is adapted to you - not the other way around
Many different boards. Countless possibilities

Klartboard has been chosen as the standard system for digital stand-up meetings in Novo Nordisk.

Are you curious about why Novo Nordisk chose Klartboard - and what they have achieved. Please watch here.

...And the good thing is, when I actually ask the teams, once they have tried it about half a year, they never dream of going back to a traditional way of doing it. It is also helping them to be on top of the situation. They feel more motivated. And they really can see that they can deliver more efficiently on the projects.
Principal Project Vice President,
Novo Nordisk

We help far and wide

Function-specific boards

Based on our collaborations over 20 years in all kinds of industries and organizations, we can see that there is a common ground

That is why we at Klartboard have boards that target the classic functions of an organization.


We target through training, support and development

Majken heads Klartboard and our development team. And she gets involved in a lot.

So regardless of whether you meet Majken in a training session or in support, she brings guaranteed good advices.

And if you want to develop and improve Klartboard, it is also Majken that you should get hold of. Fortunately, it is rarely far from idea to realization - especially when the idea is good 😉

Majken Lammert

Founder and Customer Assistant

Helps you get the very best out of Klartboard

Are you looking for knowledge and support?

Find quick answers to your questions - and be inspired for better management, management and stand-up meetings
Get safely aboard Klartboard

GDPR compliant

Klartboard uses a Swedish Cloud supplier and is thus 100 per cent GDPR compliant. No data processors from the USA or other third countries.

Approved SKI supplier

Public customers can purchase Klartboard on SKI agreement 02.06. The agreement covers the entire "package" with setup, training, advice, license, support and development. On SKI agreement 17.11, we can deliver larger consulting projects.

Transparent prices

No unexpected additions and extra bills - everyone has full access to the entire Klartboard platform

Onboarding adapted to your needs

We help you get started, regardless of whether you are into plug-and-play or need a little more help with kick-off, training and feedback

Technical implementation

Saas or on-premise

Basically, we deliver Klartboard as SaaS. A cloud solution you access in a browser with a username and password. We have also successfully implemented an on-premise solution.

AD integration for MS Azure

You can manage Klartboard from your existing system and use SSO.

You can manage users yourself in Klartboard

With administrator login, you can delete and create new users yourself and assign them to teams.

No requirement to purchase hardware

Klartboard is a browser-based solution, so you can display the boards on all types of screens, with a projector, etc.


What can we help you with?
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