Case #2

The task

The organization wanted a check of the operational management as part of future-proofing the organisation's ability to deliver the best service to the members.

Our deliveries

  • Control check in all units
  • Carefully adapted lifting of the operating models in selected units – same purpose but different solutions
    • For example, design and implementation of a comprehensive set of rules of the game in member services so that everyday life can run better for the benefit of both members and employees - combined with a structured approach to continuous improvement of the rules of the game.
    • For example, design and implementation of a cockpit for a department management, so that the joint management has become easier to prioritize and coordinate - and actually become a joint management.
    • For example, design and implementation of a whiteboard concept in the insurance department, so that the operational management can focus to a much greater extent on the management of a complex case portfolio with many piles, peaks and dependencies.
    • For example, the course "Learning operational management" - Management by the floor, Gemba management, diary, feedback ... a whole range of initiatives to lift department management

The dividend

Management groups who, to a much greater extent, feel able to lead.


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