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Klartboard - The digital boards

Unique system with boards that can be easily adapted to your needs for an overview

We get your boards to work smoothly, so you can use your energy to create an efficient environment

Operations management, overview and process optimization

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We tailor solutions that must pass the everyday test. Robust, simple and relevant

Feedback on stand-up meetings and management

Draw on our expertise in short and effective sparring courses

We give you shortcuts to fast
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We help create solutions that work in practice. For more than 20 years, we have helped public and private organizations to better manage and manage operations, processes and projects.

We help you all the way

We believe that relationships are an important prerequisite for success in our collaboration. Therefore, as customers, you will meet the same core team from Klart all the way from the first conversation about opportunities, through advice and leadership development to ongoing follow-up and support.

Meet Majken and Jacob

What is Klart and Klartboard?
 Majken and Jacob give you the very short version - in less than a minute

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GDPR compliant

Klartboard uses a Swedish Cloud supplier, and is thus 100 per cent GDPR compliant. No data processors from the USA or other third countries.

Approved SKI supplier

Public customers can purchase Klartboard on SKI agreement 02.06. The agreement covers the entire "package" with setup, training, advice, license, support and development. On SKI agreement 17.11, we can deliver larger consulting projects.

Transparent prices

No unexpected additions and extra bills - everyone has full access to the entire Klartboard platform

Onboarding adapted to your needs

We help you get started, regardless of whether you are into plug-and-play or need a little more help with kick-off, training and feedback

Free E-book about stand-up meetings

Do you want to succeed in your management?

Then read our guide on how you can do stand-up meetings
to a strong focus point for your daily management and operations.

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